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Noctis Lucis Caelum (close friends call him Noct) is a prince, the last heir to a dynasty of the kingdom of Lucis, being the last kingdom to have control over crystals. From his throne, he defends his kingdom from marauders and barbarians who seek to conquer the city and claim the crystals by force. Due to an accident in his childhood, Noctis becomes able to see the “light”, and he gains the power to foresee a person’s death.

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This is not my day…❞

  & a susurrus eased pass i-n-c-a-r-n-a-d-i-n-e folds, elevating twin appendages in which gave the mobility ] of masculine hands to position themselves in an akimbo. A profound frown was  e t c h e d  upon aesthetically-pleasing features whilst his head was lowered, affixing s-a-p-p-h-i-r-e gems upon the deflated tire afore a breath was relinquished ].

  It would seem that he would need to acquire assistance ] as soon as possible, lest he wished to spend the remainder ] of his day outside in the unknown, which was not an option that he looked forward to at all.


In case you missed it, here’s the real-time gameplay footage shown off at the TGS 2014 Square Enix livestream!

Apologies for the poor quality as it was recorded directly from Nico Video.

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( S  T  R  A  N  G  E ) :


  ✴✴☾ — Serenity pivoted on her heel to face the new arrival. She hoped that perhaps whoever it was would be able to provide her more assistance than the stubborn guard had thus far. Her eyebrows arched as she realized the size difference and just how close the space was between herself and the male, head titling back enough to gaze up at his face. He was young, perhaps a few years her senior if she ventured a guess and held himself with a type of elegance and authority that reminded her of her own mother. Not that it was of much consequence, but she mentally admitted he was rather handsome as well. Hmm… speaking of her  mother — oh! Here she was dilly-dallying when the Queen had sent her to complete an important task. Grabbing hold of her skirts, Serenity curtsied and offered the stranger a smile. 

                              ❝ I apologize for staring — it was extremely rude of me. My name is Princess Serenity, I am the daughter of Queen Serenity, the reigning monarch of the Moon Kingdom. She was due to meet with the prince of this land today, but sent me in her stead as she had more pressing matters to attend to within our own offices. I was trying to explain that to this guardsman, but I don’t think he cares too much for my story— ❞ The urge to stick out her tongue and elbow the one she referred to was strong, but she didn’t want to imagine what type of scolding she’d receive if she returned back to the Moon with such behavior being noted. ❝ Perhaps you can assist me in my duties, sir? ❞


  Bemusement was cast upon his brow, slight discombobulation writ upon aesthetically-pleasing features whilst being subjected to the blonde’s scrutiny. Imperceptibly, his equipoise shifted from one foot to the other, experiencing sentiments of disquietude ] & flickering s-a-p-p-h-i-r-e gems to & fro as though ❛twas a means of escaping her gaze. Wholly cognizant of the light shade of rose dusting the apples ] of his cheeks ( to his chagrin ), the abashed nature of his personality was evinced as he was not used to being examined so thoroughly, notwithstanding the fact that a person of his ilk should be accustomed to such. Idly, he wondered if mayhaps there was something on his countenance that he was unaware of—-the female was staring at him for quite some time & the silence ] was a tad too awkward for his liking.

  The prince was certain that despite him eating a minuscule snack earlier, there was not a piece of cheese lodged in betwixt his teeth, but if not the aforementioned, then surely it was not because of his breath. Nay, he brushed his teeth & tongue alongst rinsing his mouth thoroughly, he ensured that he was wholly presentable as it was his responsibility to welcome visitors that are expected for rendezvouses ] within the kingdom.

  Drawing twin, thinly-shaped brows to a junction ], a furtive glance was spared towards the guard whom was forgotten hitherto this moment. There was naught but puzzlement swimming within effulgent ] depths, inwardly expressing a query that was perceived & met with a slight lift of a shoulder; subsequently, a shake of the head was given, affixing his attention upon the  r e g a l  figure whom has yet to introduce to him though she seemed to share the same idea, performing a gesticulation ] of respect that was acknowledged in turn afore speaking the moment her speech surceased.

You are the princess? I have heard a lot about you.❞

  —-That amongst them were tales of her beauteous ] features that were worthy of the gods, ethereal perchance, though he was not audacious to inform her of such, thus,
a-l-a-b-a-s-t-r-i-n-e extremities encompassed the entirety of a feminine hand, rising acclivitous under the guidance of his appendage ere i-n-c-a-r-n-a-d-i-n-e folds swept athwart the surface of her flesh in the form of a fleeting [ osculation ].

I'm Noctis—-Prince Noctis from the Caelum Dynasty of Lucis. I was wondering if there was something on my face and was worried ] when you were staring at me, but it’s a pleasure nevertheless. If you would follow me, we can discuss… important matters somewhere private.❞

Could do with a bath.

— Noctis Lucis Caelum. I present to you. 

❝—-It wasn’t nice for us to abandon Ignis like that, you know.❞

  A mild note of amusement was laced within tenor ] chords in spite of him giving a semblance of scolding his beloved out of disapproval, sheathed extremities sliding within the interstices of her own & tugged her alongside him whilst traipsing in an aimless direction.

—❝Knowing him, he’ll try to track us down since he doesn’t trust you being alone with [ me ].❞

A moment of silence for Prompto’s old design tbh & RIP Prompto’s old hair cuz at least it didn’t resemble a yellow snow cone like it does now. 8(

Rise and shine, Your Highness.

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❝ //why would they do that to Prompto I cannot accept this ❞

outofcharacter. Uhhh I have no idea but it might be to improve the quality of the graphics (even though there’s nothing to improve on imo)? I can’t say but I’m not very happy about it and they made him look like a mix between Zell, Roxas and Cloud and he doesn’t look as unique anymore but rather like a pubescent boy fff. They did the same with Stella when they should have left her alone because she looks like an innocent child rather than a mature woman. I can overlook this as I believe it’s the story/plot that matters to me but I’m just personally not a fan of these changes at all.