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—— ‘can i spit on your face?

    ❝What kind of question is that?❞

  A thinly-shaped brow rose to an ascension ], arching to a  c u r v a t u r e  whilst a note of incredibility rang within tenor chords upon inquiring what he thought ] was wholly boorish to do.



그래, 난 당신이 무슨 뜻인지. 걱정 하지 마세요-우리는 가까운 꽃이 게 쪽으로 향하고소유자가 떨어져 있기 때문에 나는, 어쨌든 거기에 식물 경향이되어 있어요.

                                                        ❝허 …

  Allowing an exiguous sound to  d e p a r t  from the oral aperture ] of coral-tinged tiers, twin effulgent pools of l-a-p-i-s l-a-z-u-l-i flickered athwart to affix its attention upon the male in an expeditious manner with naught but amusement ] swimming beneath its depths.

    ❝내가 걱정 된 것처럼 나는 합리적으로 답변을 받아 들여야한다고 가정하지만 당신은 말한다. 자네가 말하는 곳으로 나를 이끌어주세요.❞




                                            Destroy them.

                                        Destroy everything.

                                                                              You don’t need them.

               They’re vermin,
                                                                 foul little leeches.

                                       Disgusting. Pathetic.

    Kill them all.

                                        Wring their necks.
                          Drain the juices from their corpses.

                                                                   Make them suffer.

                                Break them once and for all.

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can i just please have a best friend plot

like fuckin no i don’t want one of them to secretly be in love with each other since like the age of seven

i want two people who met in like their freshman year, instantly hit off and became brilliant buds. they tell each other everything and greet each other with ‘hey bitch’ or s/t like that and the other will not hesitate to beat the other up if he fucks up

this can be same gendered or m/f idc pls gimme

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                                              ❝Do not move.❞

  Orphic sibilants, analogous to a serpent slithering through blades of grass dripped from e-r-y-t-h-r-a-e-a-n tiers, spilled forth from his lips into the shell of the other’s ear in which was soon usurped by the diminutive pants that was expelled.
C-a-r-m-i-n-e irises scintillated within the vestiges of darkness whilst glaring at the ringlets of niveous ] tresses that, unfortunately obscured the spectacle of her masked countenance from view; forsooth, the prince was tempted to maneuver her to remove the aforementioned mask to satiate his curiosity in knowing whom the culprit was in robbing his possessions ], but he dared not to do so in risk of providing her an opportunity to abscond, ergo, a  s h a r p e n e d  dagger appressed against the column of her neck whilst sheathed digits tightened its grasp ] upon her wrists—-not enough to pierce her flesh but enough to get his point across whilst words of frigid asperity was verbalized.

                                                      Resist & you will face [ punishment ].

           ❝Do as I say or I would be forced to hurt you. Do you [ understand ]?❞ 

❝ bOTHERS him ❞

                                                   ❝You again…❞

  & the Lucis heir had nary an expression saved one of impassiveness ] upon the mien of his physiognomy as a verbalization was made upon espying the royal whom stood naught but a few feet from whence he sat. Contemplation ] was cast upon his brow, creasing whilst peach-lacquered folds were pursed in a tenuous line, quiescently  endeavoring to unravel exactly what her intentions ] were behind the commencement of a rendezvous with him, though in lieu of expressing such thoughts outwardly, the prince opted for a more subtle direction in the beginning stages of the conversation.

                   ❝I'm assuming there is a reason behind you visiting me.❞

  Slender, porcelain-esque extremities  d a n c e d  in an erratic manner upon the cherry wood arm of his chair, brusquely shattering the quiescence ] that haunted the stale air in tandem to his lower limb settling atop of the other whilst a heavy-laden boot tapped as an indication that conveyed sentiments of vexation ] concerning the entirety of the matter ensuing at hand. Forthwith, e-b-o-n-y lashes were cast aflutter, ascending to unveil twin depths of s-a-p-p-h-i-r-e ] gems in which flickered to affix its gaze upon the individual before him & a frown manifested itself upon pulchritudinous features thereafter, lips parting afore bequeathing a query unto the other.

            ❝What purpose do you have for seeking an audience ] with me?❞

outofcharacter. Ughh so apparently I’m not feeling 100% (I had a drink with different rums last night and I’ve been up throughout the night since I couldn’t even sleep fff) & I’m sorry for the lack of activity for the past few days, but I am here now to get my muse up and running. It seems that I don’t have the muse for current threads, so if anyone would like a starter (para), like this post and I’ll cook one up for you.