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We assume others show love the same way we do — and if they don’t, we worry it’s not there.

Everyone has their own love language. That’s one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned.  (via bodv)

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I want to know so much about Prompto and Noctis

So they have met at school and Prompto is ‘a bad influence on Noctis”

How their meeting looked like.

Was it bromance or romance at first sight.

Was Prompto the one hanging on Noctis’ neck since the beginning or Noctis was equally curious about him

When they got stoned together

did they snog

"Prompto is a womanizer" yeah right but we all saw him licking lips at the sight of the hot prince so 

does he like to embarrass Noctis

is he this total joker never serious and yet when Noctis is down he is the one that jumps to cheer him up and gets serious when he has to and cuddles Noctis knowing when he needs a cuddle without being told

do they have some secrets 

do they share a bed because Prompto does not have a home so he most of the time stays at Noctis’

did he teach Noctis how to shoot without using magic 

and he apparently is so devoted to friends

I want a scene where he leaves his hot date to run to Noctis because he heard his voice cracking on the phone

does Noctis laughs when Prompto gets a middle finger from a girl

did Noctis buy him his first shotgun and this is why he never lets go of it

so many questions

❝ ooc; the way you write is so sublime mate *_* it's so poetic~ ❞

outofcharacter. O mg thank you you’re so kind!! ; ~~ ; I truly appreciate it as I try my best to give Noctis a semblance of being human, making him as three-dimensional & develop him to the best of my ability, considering that a limited amount of information is given surrounding his character. It just fills me with joy to receive such extolments like you don’t know cries aknakjnaskl

[7/28/14 11:02:01 PM] Prompto: Presuming Noctis has a balcony
[7/28/14 11:02:20 PM] Prompto: Prompto would sit on it and smoke and sometimes pretend he’s falling off
[7/28/14 11:02:25 PM] Prompto: Shit like that B)
[7/28/14 11:02:47 PM] Prompto: Just to get Noctis’s attention c;
[7/28/14 11:03:05 PM] Prompto: He also throws stones at his window
[7/28/14 11:03:16 PM] Prompto: And calls out crap like Romeo Romeo
[7/28/14 11:03:22 PM] Prompto: Or rapunzel rapunzel

❝ "Oi, Noct! Where do you think you're going?" ❞

  & a brow rose acclivitous, arching to a curvature ] due to the query in which his companion ] had bequeathed unto him, espying the blonde approaching upon turning his head in a [longitudinal ] direction. Providing the other with naught but a slight inclination of the head in which disheveled spikes  s w a y e d  in tandem to his movements, i-n-c-a-r-n-a-d-i-n-e folds dichotomized whilst a response was promptly given in turn.

                         ❝I…It’s classified. Why do you want ] to know?❞



A deep breath expelled from her light lips, and it is with nervous gait that she begins to ascend down the spiral steps of the great Lucis structure. Having been informed of the prince’s waiting down at the main hall, it was only a matter of her pace to initiate their dinner for the night. She felt uneasy, perhaps due to how tight her evening dress felt against her body, the sheer material cascading behind her, a caress of her elegance sweeping her steps. Lashes refuse to ascend, knowing the feel of eyes on her as she moves, but she manages to regain composure, grey irises finding deep pools of cerulean under dark brows. 

"—Prince Noctis?"

  Atrous footfalls induced an echolalia of sounds, belaboring ] & [ shattering ] the quiescence that was present afore surceasing in his movements, falling into a lapse of introspection ] whilst a manus rose to an  a s c e n s i o n. Sifting e’er so meticulously through tendrils of unkempt hair, a suspiration departed from the confines of his mouth thereafter as s-a-p-p-h-i-r-e optics drifted downward upon the pristine surface of the marble-esque floor. A hint of contemplativeness ] was cast ❛pon his brow, lowering from its position in tandem to pallid digits encompassing the stem of a j-a-c-i-n-t-h-e fleur ] & a frown manifested upon his features, finding himself unable to quell the skittishness—-as he had nary any experience in dealing with the fair sex—-tumefying within the pit of his abdomen.

  Perceiving the inquiry ] alongst the utterance of his moniker ] in which his audibility had ensnared, the tonality of euphonious chords compelled his gaze upward to which it was affixed upon her visage, & his breath  h i t c h e d  once he espied the [ elegant ] garbs in which she had chosen to don for the eventide. Iwis, the prince was not one for words as they alone cannot convey the sentiments in which he was experiencing at this moment ] of time whilst being rendered speechless, but the spectacle before him was beauteous—-a classical  q u i n t e s s e n c e of pulchritude ] & sophistication ], thus a response was withheld whilst the eyne simply scrutinized the blonde’s curvaceous ] physique in an unabashed manner in which was uncharacteristic of him to do so


I actually really want to roleplay violent things. Even a forceful relationship. I don’t mind. I want to roleplay everything. Be it good things or bad things. Throw things at my character, slap them, hug them, kiss them, say mean things about them, anything, really. Make me cry, make me laugh. I really just want to roleplay all kinds of things.

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